Centroid at Glance

Centroid Technical Services (CTS) is a specialized company in the provision of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services with core expertise in Oil & Gas surface Facilities. Set up in 2005 as a joint venture between Sudan National Petroleum Company (SUDAPET) and OGP Technical Services a subsidiary of PETRONAS of Malaysia, it became a fully owned subsidiary of SUDAPET in 2014, with head office located in Khartoum.


The Preferred Technical Service Provider in the Oil and Gas Industry


We are strategic business entity contributing to the development of the oil and gas industry in Sudan. Our core business is PMC, O&M and Specialized Technical Services. We build Sudanese capability. We are cost competitive without compromising quality


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Centroid is a technical services provider, however, our core business is in the provision of Project Management & Consultancy Services (PMC) and Projects Consultancy Services (PCS) with a very rich experience and proven expertise in the oil and gas facilities.

Our Experience

  • Managing all aspects of even the most complex projects, from engineering to procurement to construction, commissioning and hand-over.
  • Serving major O&ampG companies in Sudan.
  • Strong HSE track records with more than 50 millions man-hours without LTI, Zero LTIF.
  • On time quality project delivery.

Our Expertise

  • Managing the bid process, procurement and negotiating awarding contracts.
  • Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering design.
  • Project constructions management and field administration.
  • Contracts and Warranties Management.
  • Field Improvement Projects (&lsquoFIP&rsquo).
  • Environment/HSE.
  • Quality Managem