To be a Center of Excellence in attaining World Class QHSE Performance

  • To develop a corporate culture in which QHSE is equally important to all business activities.
  • To ensure that all our activities are carried out in a quality, healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • To educate and influence employees so that they embrace quality, health, safety and environmental policies, practices and procedures.
  • To continually improve our QHSE performance.

Centroid Technical Services Co. Ltd. (CTS) management considers quality of services, the health and safety of workers and protection of the environment as fundamental to achieving business excellence. CTS is committed to:

  • Provide the necessary processes for continually improving the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment within all CTS activities.
  • Apply effective management system to prevent and minimize injury, occupational health hazards, property damage and environmental impacts.
  • Ensure that the facilities it designs, builds and the services it provides are in accordance with appropriate legal requirements, industry standards and best practices.
  • Provide the necessary resources, organization, system and training and shall communicate with employees, clients, contractors, customers, suppliers and the public the appropriate matters on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Record non-conformances and incidents at all levels, share lessons learnt to prevent recurrence and ensure that efficient work practices are established.
  • Ensure that contingency plans are in place and maintained to deal with emergencies and shall periodically review the quality, health, safety and environment management system and practices to ensure their continual improvement.
  • Empower all employees to stop any work that does not follow safe work practices.
  • Make QHSE excellence, both an individual and management responsibility.

CTS expect all its employees and contractors to strictly adhere to this policy at all times.

تعتبر إدارة شركة سنترويد للخدمات الفنية المحدودة أن جودة الخدمات التى تقدمها الشركة لعملاءها وصحة وسلامة عامليها بالإضافة إلى حماية البيئة هى من صميم أساسيات العمل لتحقيق التميز و الإتقان، لذلك فإن إدراة الشركة تتعهد بالاّتى

  • توفير كل الخطوات المطلوبة والضرورية لضمان الجودة والصحة والسلامة والبيئة فى كل نشاطات الشركة
  • تطبيق نظام إدارى فعَال لحماية وتقليل الأصابات والأخطار التى تهدد الصحة المهنية والممتلكات والبيئة .
  • ضمان أن تصميم وبناء المنشاّت والخدمات الهندسية التى تقدمها الشركة للعملاء يتم وفق المتطلبات القانونية و أفضل معاييرالصناعة والمواصفات المقبولة عالمياً .
  • توفير الموارد الضرورية والتنظيم والتدريب والتأهيل والإتصال بالعاملين بالشركة والعملاء والمقاولين والزبائن لمناقشة المسائل المتعلقة بالجودة والصحة والسلامة والبيئة .
  • تسجيل كل حالات عدم التوافق مع متطلبات الجودة والحوادث فى كل المستويات ومشاركة الخبرات والدروس المستفادة مع الاّخرين لمنع حدوث هذه الحوادث مره أخرى مع ضمان أن جميع خطوات العمل قد تم إنشاءها بصورة سليمة .
  • ضمان أن خطة الطوارئ موجودة ومحفوظه بصورة جيدة للتعامل مع الحالات الطارئة ، كما تضمن الشركة إجراء فحص دورى لنظام الجودة والصحة والسلامة والبيئة وكل النشاطات ذات الصلة لضمان إستمرارية تحسينها .
  • تشجيع جميع العاملين على إيقاف أى عمل لا يتبع إجراءات السلامة المهنية .
  • تحقيق التميز فى الجودة والصحة والسلامة والبيئة يعتبر مسؤلية  تضامنية للجميع .

تتوقع إدارة الشركة من جميع العاملين بالشركة والمقاولين الإلتزام بهذه السياسات فى جميع الأوقات

CTS’s commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment starts with the senior leaders of the organization and it is the responsibility of everyone in the organization including newest recruit. This commitment enhanced its reputation and image, enabling to maintain and expand its reputable customer base.
CTS is committed to protect environment, determined to prevent accidents, and to be a leader in workplace safety, and will continue to move forward through a strategy which is based on high standards of integrity and performance. All of our people, facilities and partnerships, are accountable for pursuing these goals by driving the QHSE Management Program. All business units are aligned with CTS’ corporate QHSE Management System. All the relevant policies and objectives are defined and clearly stated. The organizational structure and associated responsibilities for all parts of the business are highlighted, and the arrangements put in place to ensure that all policies are implemented, controlled, monitored and improved as required.
CTS recognizes that a major factor in its business success is the emphasis it has placed on Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) as key elements of all of its activities. CTS provides its clients with services which are of the highest professional and technical standards and which comply with client specific QHSE requirements and local statutory requirements. Doing the job right and doing it safely is our primary business objective. Everyone within the organization, as well as contractors, has an essential part to play in ensuring that CTS continues to improve all aspects of its operational activities.
Facilities are routinely audited to verify compliance with CTS Corporate QHSE Performance Standards, policies, procedures, and the laws and regulations of applicable governing entities. Global programs for safety observation and resource efficiency have been set up and are already delivering results. CTS believe that the solid foundations of management systems and programs have helped to drive the progress the organization has made.
CTS maintains an integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management system based on three international standards, which are ISO9001:2008 for Quality, ISO14001:2004 for environmental and OHSAS18001:2007 for occupational health and safety.